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Thomas C. Wooldridge Esq. lead Criminal Defense Attorney.

Government Investigations

If you are a target of a government investigation we can help.  Our defense attorneys can challenge the Department of Justice or United States Attorney’s Office in the pre-indictment phase in order to dissuade the government from prosecuting a client whom is under investigation.  This might mean providing evidence of innocence.  It might mean simply monitoring the investigation.


Challenge the Evidence

We mount an aggressive challenge to the evidence  in the pre-trial stage.  A successful challenge to a search or statement can stop the government's case in its tracks.


Superior Trial Advocacy

If the case survives our pre-trial attack, we develop a trial strategy that makes victory possible.  Our firm has a professional group of investigators that we put to work for you.  This has led to the discovery of hidden motivations of witnesses and often makes all the difference at trial.


Expertise in Negotiating Pleas and Minimizing Sentences

In the unfortunate even that we must negotiate a guilty plea or deal with sentencing issues, our team of attorneys have substantial experience  with the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.  We will do everything in our power to advocate for a fair sentence.



We also handle appeals and habeas corpus proceedings that may result from mistakes by the Court or your previous attorney.

White Collar Defense

Bank Fraud

Wire Fraud

Money Laundering

Mortgage Fraud

Tax Fraud

Healthcare Fraud

Identity Theft





Drug Crimes


Possession w/ Intent to Distribute



Any use or possession of  weapon during the commission of a crime is being aggressively prosecuted by the government.


Violent Felonies

Armed Robbery

Assault and Battery


Gang Crimes


Immigration Offenses

Illegal Reentry

Deportation Procedures


Innovative sentencing arguments and detailed understanding of Federal Sentencing Guidelines.



We handle appeals in all areas of Federal Law.  If mistakes were made at Trial or Sentencing, we will find them and correct them.

Practice Areas

How Can We Help?

When the Federal government charges you with a crime, retaining an aggressive, professional and innovative attorney is the best way to defend yourself. Our success in this area is well documented.

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